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Advertise on Founded in India

Advertise on Founded in India

Reach thousands of startup founders and potential clients worldwide

Founded in India is a fast growing initiative focused specifically at innovative startups in India. We’ve got an audience of thousands of startup founders and (international) visitors seeking the latest innovations from India. This makes it the ideal platform to advertise your company. Note: we only allow startups to advertise that have been added to the list already.

Almost half of our visitors are international visitors. We’re constantly working on expanding the platform’s features and promoting the startups that are on the list, both in India and internationally through Founded X.

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The payment includes the following:

  • A featured spot with an enlarged logo at the top of the list during the purchased period
  • 1 Facebook post per week
  • 2 Tweets per week

The availability of the slot is limited. Book your advertising spot today.
Feel free to contact us if you’ve any questions regarding our advertising possibilities.

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